Is it too warm to walk your dog?

With the weather set to reach up to 30c in the next few days dog owners really need to assess whether it is too hot to walk their dog.

The simple way is to conduct a 5 second test.

  1. Place the back of your hand on the pavement. 
  2. If you can’t get your hand in place because of the heat then it is far too hot to walk your dog.
  3. Plan your walks at the coolest parts of the day.
  4. Make sure your dog has easy access to fresh water and plenty of shade for your dog to rest.

Best wishes,

Rosie x

Pups and Paws


Get Puppy Smart

Over the lafb-cover-1678-1769188st few weeks I have had the absolute pleasure of introducing several puppies to the salon.  Many breeds will have the need to make regular visits to a groomer during their lifetime if their coat is to be maintained in a good condition. It is, therefore, so important that the dog finds the experience a pleasure and not stressful.  The earlier we can start acclimatising them to the salon the better.

During the visits to my salon I also often get to talk to friends of owners who are also interested in getting a puppy for themselves.  I tell them of the responsibilities of owning a dog and the long term commitment it can be.

If you are thinking of introducing a dog into your family think carefully about your lifestyle and surroundings.  A great place to help find useful information is the RSPCA’s website page “Get Puppy Smart”.   If you need further advice speak to your local vet or qualified groomer.

As qualified professional groomers we handle numerous breeds of dog and we can advise you about the temperament of the breeds we regularly come across.



Puppy acclimatisation

The Pups and Paws salonfb-cover-1678-1769188 in Hammerwich has been visited by a number of puppies recently.  The plan for these visits is for the “youngsters” to get used to the sight, sound and smell of the salon.  During the visit we have a bit of play, some fuss and get the young dogs used to the equipment and sounds through some fun activities.  I think I get the most fun out of the sessions!

Rosie x