Keep them stimulated

With all of the bad weather it often becomes difficult to take you dog out on the normal number of walks they would enjoy.

If this is the case then you still need to keep your dog’s mind active and stimulated by playing games with them or giving them puzzles to solve.

Try a game of hide and seek or buy a food puzzle toy. There are lots of ideas on the internet or just give me a call and I may be able to suggest a few ideas.

Rosie x


A new friend

I am delighted to have been asked to help look after a delightful 18 week old cocker spaniel.

As many of you will know one of my own dogs is a cocker spaniel and I have special affinity with this breed.

Saying that any dog with a wet nose, a waggy tail and with a tum to tickle is fine by me!

Rosie x

All sizes

As a professional dog groomer you get to work with doggie friends of all sizes. Some are no bigger than my hand whilst others are, like horses, a few hands tall! 

All are welcome.

Rosie x