Jasper the Parrot

Just thought you would like to see a picture of Jasper the African Grey Parrot who has come to stay for a while.

Rosie x


Pelsall CarnivalĀ 

Head down to Pelsall Carnival Saturday 8th July, on top of all the usual fun of the fair you’ll  find the Pups and Paws family in the craft area with our double sided dog bandanas! So if you are entering the dog arena or just out for a walk we can spruce your pup with some doggie perfume and a new accessory! 

Cat sitting

All as part of the Paws and Paws service I am delighted to have been invited to look after a lovely, aged, cat over the last few days.

The owner did not want to stress the cat by utilising a cattery which is entirely understandable.  I, therefore, “pop in” and do some “cat sitting” during the day to make sure that all is well and to look after the feeding and “domestic” duties.

This cat sitting is all part of my Pups and Paws holiday boarding service.

Rosie x

Blue-green algae at Chasewater

The hot weather has helped develop some blue-green algae in the Chasewater lake. 

This algae is dangerous and, if ingested, can be very harmful to our doggie friends. 

The bottom line is that until the warning signs are removed by the Park Rangers then please ensure you keep your dog out of the lake.

Rosie x
More info : http://m.lichfieldmercury.co.uk/visitors-to-chasewater-warned-not-to-swim-or-let-dogs-take-a-dip-due-to-bacterial-blue-green-algae/story-30400144-detail/story.html

More friends join the “gang”

I am delighted to say that I will be now taking two new doggy friends for their daily walk. 

In a week I am now walking a couple of marathons!

These two delightful beagles will, no doubt, ask me to share some pictures of our adventures with you so watch this space for more news.

This dog walking service just one part of the Pups and Paws offering. I also offer dog grooming and small animal boarding. 

Rosie x

Keep them stimulated

With all of the bad weather it often becomes difficult to take you dog out on the normal number of walks they would enjoy.

If this is the case then you still need to keep your dog’s mind active and stimulated by playing games with them or giving them puzzles to solve.

Try a game of hide and seek or buy a food puzzle toy. There are lots of ideas on the internet or just give me a call and I may be able to suggest a few ideas.

Rosie x