Be careful what you feed your dog this Christmas

I know that we all like to indulge our pets at Christmas but please be careful and avoid giving them “human” Christmas treats. In particular Chocolate and mince pies can be a particular risk. For more details please read this article.

Have a great Christmas everyone and enjoy the extra time many of us will be able to spend with a furry friends over the extended holiday break.

With love

Rosie x

Pups and Paws


Relax your pets this Bonfire Night

Many firework parties will take place on the 3 November 2018 and a lot of pets are frightened by the noise and sounds of fireworks.

My tips are:

  • Keep your pets indoors with curtains drawn
  • Have some soothing background sounds playing. For instance Classic FM are playing music especially for pets on the 3 November 2018. Music for pets on bonfire night
  • Stay calm yourself. Your pets will be anxious if you are acting unusually too.

Rosie x

Pups and Paws

Muddy dog challenge only a day away!

Swayze and I are off to Manchester tomorrow (20 October 2018) to take part in the ‘Muddy Dog Challenge’. We are raising funds for Battersea Dogs Home.

We should have no problem covering the distance as I do more than that on a daily basis with my dog walking service but, I think, they may expect me to run some of it 😀!

Swayze is certainly looking forward to the mud and has been practicing by lying in every muddy puddle he comes across. I am looking forward to a nice hot bath when I get home! It’s all for a good cause and I am sure we will have great fun.

Rosie x

Pups and Paws

Easter Egg Advice 2018

As we are all probably aware dogs and chocolate don’t mix – whatever your furry friend may be trying to tell you!

I have found this article that explains it all better than I can. The article, most importantly, explains what to do if you find your dog has consumed the family’s Easter Eggs.

I hope you find somewhere enjoyable to walk your dog today as tomorrow, if the forecasts are to be believed, it may be rather wet.

Rosie x