Easter Egg Advice 2018

As we are all probably aware dogs and chocolate don’t mix – whatever your furry friend may be trying to tell you!

I have found this article that explains it all better than I can. The article, most importantly, explains what to do if you find your dog has consumed the family’s Easter Eggs.

I hope you find somewhere enjoyable to walk your dog today as tomorrow, if the forecasts are to be believed, it may be rather wet.


Rosie x


Pelsall Carnival 

Head down to Pelsall Carnival Saturday 8th July, on top of all the usual fun of the fair you’ll  find the Pups and Paws family in the craft area with our double sided dog bandanas! So if you are entering the dog arena or just out for a walk we can spruce your pup with some doggie perfume and a new accessory! 

Blue-green algae at Chasewater

The hot weather has helped develop some blue-green algae in the Chasewater lake. 

This algae is dangerous and, if ingested, can be very harmful to our doggie friends. 

The bottom line is that until the warning signs are removed by the Park Rangers then please ensure you keep your dog out of the lake.

Rosie x
More info : http://m.lichfieldmercury.co.uk/visitors-to-chasewater-warned-not-to-swim-or-let-dogs-take-a-dip-due-to-bacterial-blue-green-algae/story-30400144-detail/story.html

More friends join the “gang”

I am delighted to say that I will be now taking two new doggy friends for their daily walk. 

In a week I am now walking a couple of marathons!

These two delightful beagles will, no doubt, ask me to share some pictures of our adventures with you so watch this space for more news.

This dog walking service just one part of the Pups and Paws offering. I also offer dog grooming and small animal boarding. 

Rosie x

Keep them stimulated

With all of the bad weather it often becomes difficult to take you dog out on the normal number of walks they would enjoy.

If this is the case then you still need to keep your dog’s mind active and stimulated by playing games with them or giving them puzzles to solve.

Try a game of hide and seek or buy a food puzzle toy. There are lots of ideas on the internet or just give me a call and I may be able to suggest a few ideas.

Rosie x

A new friend

I am delighted to have been asked to help look after a delightful 18 week old cocker spaniel.

As many of you will know one of my own dogs is a cocker spaniel and I have special affinity with this breed.

Saying that any dog with a wet nose, a waggy tail and with a tum to tickle is fine by me!

Rosie x

Emergency call for dog grooming help

fb-cover-1678-1769188After a busy morning walking client dogs Rosie received an emergency call for help from a desperate dog owner. Apparently the dog owner had taken advantage of the dry early spring weather to take her dog a walk around a local beauty spot. The dog, a spaniel, took the opportunity to splash through the lakes and roll in the mud. An emergency dog wash was the order of the day! Whilst not usually operating the Pups and Paws salon on a Saturday afternoon Rosie was more than happy to use her dog grooming skills to help in such exceptional circumstances.

Welcome to the new Pups and Paws website

Welcome to the launch of my new Pups and Paws website – I hope you like it.  I am your local dog walker and I operate in and around Burntwood, Hammerwich, Lichfield, Rugeley, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Aldridge and surrounding areas.  Please feel free to contact me via my contact page

At Pups and Paws I not only look after your dog walking or cat and  dog welfare needs but I will also take care of your mouse, hamster, goldfish or whatever other small animal is “your best friend”.  That’s what I do – I look after “your best friend” when you are unable to.  If you want to go on holiday or have to work late or away from home then give me a call.  I will make sure that “your best friend” is properly and lovingly looked after.

On a regular basis I will be posting pictures of what I am up to either on this page or  on my google+ page. Please take time to take a look.

Rosie x